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Choosing The Right Material

Granite –

Enjoy the natural beauty that only comes from natural stone – patterns, color options, grain and veining along with durability and ability to take heat, are all benefits of natural stone

Quartz –

Man made stone which is comprosed of 93% crushed natural quartz and available in a wide range of colors. It’s non porous and relatively maintainance free surface, along with it’s modern and sophisticated look have made it become a growing option for many kitchen settings.

Soapstone –

This is a natural stone made of a variety of talcs. It has it’s own unique look and beauty and is very soft, but also dense. It’s smooth with a texted feel to it and durable retains heat and can withstand and naturally resists stains. It’s color ranges are deep dark green to gray and even bluish sometimes, all depending on the lot and tend to have white veining in some cases. It’s used for both countertops and farmers sinks.

Quartzite –

A very hard, strong and durable natural stone that is very crystallized, giving it lots of natural beauty and exotic features. Can be a very porous material and we recommend special sealer for. This material is on the higher end of the price spectrum and makes a statement in any kitchen or bathroom setting.

Marble –

A delicate and very porous natural stones. Marble is soft and more susceptible to staining. We highly recommend a special sealer for this material. We typically suggest it be used for vanities, fireplace surrounds, tables and tub surrounds. If put in a kitchen setting, a customer needs to be educated on how it wears, the fact that it etches, along with the sealer and care required to keep in good condition. It’s is desirable as it has a classic stone look and feel with classic veining that is timeless.

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